grief counselling and psychotherapy
in toronto

Although we will all face loss at some point in our lives, we live in a "grief-illiterate" and grief-avoidant culture. Many of us feel unsupported and are unsure of how to heal from such deep pain. It can be helpful to be able to talk to someone who can support you in navigating this difficult, and often isolating, experience.  

I provide confidential, in-person counselling and psychotherapy services to adults who have experienced:

  • the death of a family member, chosen-family member and/or friend;

  • pregnancy and perinatal loss (ie. miscarriage, stillbirth, infertility, abortion);

  • the death of a pet;

  • death due to illness;

  • death due to Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID)

  • sudden and/or traumatic death (ie. suicide, homicide, accident);

  • non-death losses:

    • job/career

    • divorce/separation/estrangement

    • identity/parts of self

    • relocation/immigration

    • aging

    • illness/disability/mental health diagnosis

    • intergenerational

    • or as a result of Colonialism, systemic oppression, etc.

  • anticipatory and/or complicated grief;

  • ambiguous losses;

  • multiple losses;

  • life transitions.

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