shalomgroup™ Canada

I co-facilitate process therapy groups as part of SHALOMGROUP™ Canada, a larger collective of practitioners.

"SHALOMGROUP™ Canada is a vision birthed by LJ Wooden and supported by a team of like-minded practitioners. It is more than a place, space or type of therapeutic intervention. SHALOMGROUP™ Canada is an intention to live with awareness, consciousness and love – for self, others and the planet. 

If you desire to be awake and fully alive in the midst of a world that encompasses both joy and pain, passion and anger, excitement and fear, beauty and hard truth, light and shadow, then SHALOMGROUP™ Canada is for you.

To be vulnerable in a world that causes many of us to need protective armour is not an easy undertaking. To live with authenticity when we have learned the fine art of creating masks to keep us safe from harm is a daunting proposition. But the payoff is experiencing the fullness of what it means to be human. Magnificently, messy and unapologetically human. 

SHALOMGROUP™ Canada recognizes the many individual, familial, cultural and societal factors that influence our ability to live into this fullness. We understand that social identity, oppression and privilege impact the ways in which we are and are not seen and valued. We acknowledge the complexity of being human and fully alive in a world that is not equitable. We commit to showing up fully and responsibly with ourselves and each other, with openness and desire to be challenged and changed.

At SHALOMGROUP™ Canada, we believe in our collective capacity to heal. We believe that with the right tools, support and loving connection, we can restore our hearts, minds, bodies and souls to the state of pure openness of being with which we all came into the world. Together, we can learn a new way of being – with ourselves and one another. We can write a new story: one that is continually evolving and growing towards wholeness."

Please visit the SHALOMGROUP™ Canada website for more details about practitioners and offerings.